Transmission Repair

Most transmission problems can’t be fixed by the average do-it-yourself mechanic and transmission problems generally get worse the longer they are neglected. Taking care of a problem early can save money and significantly reduce the downtime for your vehicle.

Transmission Service

Transmissions are a closed system, meaning that normally there is virtually no outside contamination of the fluids. Servicing will remove the pan and with a road check evaluate the operation of the transmission. We will then change the filter(s) and refill.

Transmission Flush

Flushing a transmission is a kind of misrepresentation, it is virtually impossible and unnecessary to get a complete fluid swap. Transmission fluid will mix in the torque converter and pan depending on the procedure and you will then remove some of the new fluid that is mixed with the used. There are rare and specific instances where it might be a good idea to flush a transmission. Please feel free to consult us.